Australian Merchant Forms

  • Design your Web Page
  • Design your App Page
  • Install our Technology
  • Provide Signage
  • Train your Staff
  • Steer our members to your business
  • 2 x Premium Memberships


$55 Set Up Fee Waived For All Merchants

By completing and submitting this application, the Merchant:

  1. Applies to become a participating merchant within the Piiink program.
  2. Warrants that all the information in this Application is true and correct; and
  3. Agrees to be bound by the Piiink Merchant Terms and Conditions (see Merchant Dashboard).
  4. Piiink recommends the owner ensures all staff ask for and offer the Piiink membership to all
  5. Agrees to a Friendship Service of 3.0% excluding GST of the net sale